Back to School!

As we all get back into our school routines and habits, here are some suggestions to help your child ease back into the transitions. 

4 Tips to Ease Anxiety as Students Go Back to School

  1. Frequent Communication: Be in touch with teachers when red flags emerge, such as disruptive behavior, avoidance of activities, and mood changes. Leverage messaging options, email, videoconferencing, and other technology tools when face-to-face communication isn’t possible.
  2. Find out what resources are available: More schools are using mobile technology, such as STOPit Solution’s HELPme app, to increase the school community’s direct access to services, including local emergency response teams, mental health resources, reporting about bullying incidents, crisis hotlines, and more.
  3. Foster Resilience: Help your child learn to regulate stress and make good decisions. Parents can help their children identify strong emotions and healthy ways to express them. Also, let your child solve problems on their own. Developing independent problem solving gives a child a set of skills to help prevent anxiety when faced with difficult situations.
  4. Focus on well-being: Adults may also be anxious about re-engaging with teachers and other staff members. Take action to build connections with school personnel and create opportunities for stress relief for yourself and your student. Also, consider finding counseling as needed.