Bulldog Bulletin

The past 18 months have given all of us the chance to build our resilience and grit. Resilience isn't something that we are born with, but it is a skill we can grow in ourselves and in our children. How do you do this? At the end of this article is a link all about resilience. To hit the highlights, we can do four things to build resilience:   

  1. Reframe your thoughts
  2. Seek support
  3. Focus on what you can control
  4. Manage stress

Having positive, supportive people to confide in and talk to helps children (and adults!) find solutions to problems. Stress can be overwhelming for children, who may not have the maturity to know how to cope with the added burdens. Getting fresh air or even a walk around the block can help clear the mind and change a perspective.

Happy holidays, and be well!

Misty Gandy