Bulldog Bulletin

One of the new bills to come of out the last legislative session was HB4545. This bill was created in response to the learning loss that many students have endured over the course of the pandemic. HB 4545 requires that students get at least 30 extra hours of accelerated instruction in subjects where they need help. If a student did not achieve minimum standard on the STAAR test, then the student will need tutoring under the requirements of HB4545. 

In Eden, students meet 30 minutes twice each week with either a reading teacher, a reading interventionist, a math teacher, or a resource teacher to focus on specific learning standards. Our students get their intervention during the school day. If needed, students can also stay after school or get additional help during Saturday school. 

If your child needs additional intervention help, please don't hesitate to let us know. More info is available for parents at the link below. 

TEA Parent Resources for HB4545.