Bulldog Bulletin

We are moving quickly through the 2021-22 school year, now over 9 weeks into the semester. We've been finding ways to help our students learn the material they need - with after-school tutorials, Saturday school, and a challenge learning period within the regular school day. Making up for lost school time last year will be a long-term plan. 

After our first flex day on September 24, our staff assessed the success of that day. The intention behind flex days was to have smaller class sizes for teachers and offer some intensive instruction. Was the first flex day a success? Both yes and no - yes, because those students who had good attendance and good grades were able to have a day off. No, because teachers had larger class sizes and couldn't have intensive instruction with at-risk students. We have changed our calendar to do away with the remaining flex days. Those days will now be regular school days with mandatory attendance for all students. New school calendars will be sent out with report cards in November.

As we continue our school year, we continue to work on the social-emotional learning that is much needed right now. Teachers continue to build a sense of community in their classrooms with our Character Education program - PurposeFull People at elementary and Character Strong at secondary. Each students needs an adult on campus that they can talk to, whether it's the counselor, a teacher, a coach, or a custodian. Every child is important.

Thanks for being a part of our Bulldog community!

Misty Gandy