Bulldog Bulletin

Research shows that students make better academic gains when they have a trusted, supportive adult in their school that they can talk to (Allensworth & Schwartz, 2020). Parents and teachers must work together to help our students get back on track after the stress of school closures and learning loss. 

Eden CISD is working on our students' mental well-being this year by focusing each week on social and emotion learning (SEL) with a program called Character Strong. These skills - such as honesty, kindness, and respect - are taught every week through conversations, games, and writing activities. Helping students understand their emotions and teaching them how to respond to adversity helps build resilience. Being resilient means to 'bounce back' from difficult situations and helps children to cope with challenges. We want our students to be physically and mentally healthy to become the best they can be!

Be well,
Misty Gandy