The Bulldog Bulletin is a weekly update that will be sent to our staff and community each week. 

What a great start we've had for 2021-22 - new school clothes, new shoes, and big smiles! Our students received a warm welcome on this first day of school, thanks to our dedicated faculty and staff.


Some school districts in the state have had to close because of numerous staff testing positive for COVID. In our district, we will continue to notify staff, families, and the community when we have positive cases and do our best to contact trace. We will continue to sanitize classrooms each day and provide hand sanitizer and masks to any student or staff who wants it.


We will not offer virtual learning this year as we did last year. When a student tests positive, he or she can receive instruction from home. Any other situations will not qualify for virtual learning. Our students need face-to-face instruction from quality teachers to learn.


As we begin this new year, our school board is working on updating our school's mission and vision statements. Later this fall, we will invite community input into this process. Our new social media handle is #EDENpride. When we post pictures of our students or send out communication, we will use #EDENpride to let our community know what our district is about.  EDEN pride is at the heart of what we believe in - Excellence, Determination, Empowerment, and No excuses. Let's have a great year!